Inspection/Trip Charge.....$45

Inspection/Trip Charge waived on any local service or combination of services of $100 or more.***

Dryer Interior Cleaning: $25-$50 depending on difficulty *trip charge may apply
Dryers can have years or decades of lint buildup, especially if the dryer vent and venting duct is clogged or improperly run. We will vacumn and brush as throughly as is feasible without total dismanteling the unit the lint venting passageway with the unit. This can add life to your dryer, increase dryer efficiency while reducing the amount of time needed to dry a load of clothes, and help prevent a fire hazard.

Residential dryer vent cleaning: $100 up to 35' length (includes limited dissassembly if necessary, blowing, vacuuming, and/or brush rodding as necessary)
Commercial dryer vent cleaning  ($150-$200)
Complete dissassembly/reassembly to clean if necessary (sometimes required in extreme cases): $50-$100
Dryer vent cleaning for excessive length or difficult to access vents: By Quote

Dryer Transition Hose (from dryer to vent connection point at the wall or through the floor)
We recommend replacing any duct older than one year old, although there may be exceptions.
  • replacement with 8' DryerFlex duct: $45 (includes parts & labor)
         *trip charge may apply.

Duct Replacement /Installations or Reroutes (accessible areas) : $350 up to 25 feet plus $10 per additional foot over 25 feet (includes parts & labor)
Duct Replacement/Installations or Reroutes (inaccessible areas such as walls, floors, or ceilings: Per Quote
All dryer duct is installed or replaced using rigid metal duct with aluminum foil tape and strapping as per code
Semi rigid or Dryer Flex duct may be used in some cases when rigid/hard duct is not feasible

Outside Vent Hood Replacement/Install through siding: $45 (includes parts & labor)
Outside vent hood replacement through brick, stone, or stucco if hole is not already present: $125 (includes parts & labor)

TJernlund LB2 Booster Fan Installation: $700 installed if electrical outlet is present. **Electrical outlet and wiring extra  if needed. Booster fans may be required  for ducts exceeding 35 feet minus 5 feet per elbow. *Exceptions to this requirement depends on manufacturer specifications and on a case-by-case basis. We recommend TJernlund booster fans as they are designed to be low-maintenance and come with a 5 year no-clog warranty. Visit for more information.

* Dryer Box Install: New Construction $125 (excluding duct)     Existing Construction Retrofit $150

* Dryer Cord Installation: $45

* Washer Hose Replacement using steel braided hoses: $50

Lint Alert Safety Monitoring Device Installed.....$100

Our Services
Dryer Vent Solutions of Athens, Georgia offers a complete line of services to get your dryer vent up to optimal efficiency and safety standards. As a valued Customer, you will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.
Residential & Commercial

  • Dryer Vent Inspection & Cleaning
  • Dryer Duct Repair & Replacement

to see why our dryer venting hose is recommended over traditional flex and semi-rigid hoses for optimal fire safety and drying efficiency
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